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Melodies on Hiatus is the fifth solo album by American musician Albert Hammond Jr., released through Red Bull Records on June 23, 2023. The first nine tracks were released ahead of the full album on May 9, along with lead single "100–99" featuring rapper GoldLink.[2]


Hammond Jr. worked on the album with Canadian songwriter Simon Wilcox, who wrote lyrics for the "folder of about 30 songs, fully fleshed out, except for the words" Hammond sent to her. Although they did not meet in person, they spoke at length on phone calls about their lives.[3] Hammond Jr. said he felt the album "has a story, an arc" and called it "the best collection of music that [he] ha[s] made", stating that he was not "trying to make a double album; [he] wanted to make a deconstruction of a band".[2] The album's cover features the 1926 painting Several Circles by Wassily Kandinsky.

Critical reception

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Evening Standard[6]

Melodies on Hiatus received a score of 77 out of 100 on review aggregator Metacritic based on four critics' reviews, indicating "generally favorable" reception.[4] Erica Campbell of NME wrote that the tracks "showcase the wealth of the guitarist's talent and influence" and "having Wilcox transmute Hammond Jr's auditory ramblings into lyricism works well". Campbell concluded that while the album "may seem meandering at times", it "lands where it needs to be".[7] David Smyth of the Evening Standard found there to be "plenty here to prove that Hammond can still fire out sharp, melodious guitar lines with ease" and "its breadth, compared to the 35 minutes of its punkier predecessor Francis Trouble, means that he can get away with experiments that would sound stranger on a tighter collection".[6] Lisa Wright of DIY called Melodies on Hiatus "undoubtedly a mixed bag when it comes to the calibre of earworms contained within" and despite some highlights (like the "warmly infectious" track "818" and "the distinctly Strokes-y melancholy" of "Dead Air"), remarked that "there's an innate quality control filter missing here".[5] Stephen Thomas Erlewine, reviewing the album for Pitchfork described it as a "cheerfully sprawling double album that feels less like a cohesive statement than a clearinghouse of ideas" as well as "essentially a pop album, a collection of brightly alluring confections that's full of gilded arena-rock guitars, retro synth sounds, and high-gloss effects".[1]

Track listing

Melodies on Hiatus track listing
1."100–99" (featuring GoldLink)3:36
2."Downtown Fred"4:25
3."Old Man"3:33
5."Thoughtful Distress" (featuring Matt Helders and Steve Stevens)3:40
7."Memo of Hate"3:25
8."Home Again"3:43
9."I Got You"3:26
10."Caught by Night"3:52
11."Dead Air"3:15
12."One Chance"3:47
13."Remember" (featuring Rainsford)0:29
15."Fast Kitten"4:12
16."I'd Never Leave"3:17
17."Never Stop"3:16
18."False Alarm"4:00
19."Alright Tomorrow" (featuring Rainsford)3:54
Total length:67:33


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Melodies On Hiatus

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Albert Hammond Jr. (2018)

Albert Hammond junior (* 9. April 1980 in Los Angeles) ist ein US-amerikanischer Musiker und Songwriter. Neben seinen Soloaktivitäten als Sänger ist er auch Gitarrist der Band The Strokes.


Albert Hammond Jr. (2007)

Hammond wurde 1980 in Los Angeles als Sohn des Singer-Songwriters Albert Hammond geboren. Erste Bekanntschaft mit Julian Casablancas, dem späteren Sänger der Strokes, machte er im Alter von 13 Jahren an der Schweizer Eliteschule Le Rosey. Als er diesen 1998 in New York wiedertraf, kam es mit ihm, seinen ehemaligen Schulfreunden Nick Valensi, Nikolai Fraiture und Fabrizio Moretti zur Gründung von The Strokes.[1] Hammond spielt bei den Strokes in der Regel die Rhythmusgitarre und übernimmt nur in wenigen Songs, wie z. B. in Last Nite, die Leadgitarre.[2][3]

Im Oktober 2006 erschien beim Label Rough Trade sein erstes Soloalbum Yours to Keep, darauf sind neben dem Bandkollegen Casablancas auch Sean Lennon und Ben Kweller vertreten.[2] Am Schlagzeug saß Matt Romano, den Bass spielte Josh Lattanzi.[2] Die erste Single Everyone Gets a Star war ab September bei iTunes erhältlich. Ende Oktober 2007 begann Hammond Jr. mit den Studioaufnahmen für sein zweites Soloalbum ¿Cómo te llama?, das im Juli 2008 veröffentlicht wurde.[4] Anschließend trat er bei den europäischen Konzerten von Coldplays „Viva La Vida“-Tour im Vorprogramm auf.

2013 nahm Hammond Jr. die EP AHJ mit den fünf Tracks St. Justice, Strange Tidings, Carnal Cruise, Rude Customer und Cooker Ship auf. Ende Juli 2015 veröffentlichte er sein drittes Studioalbum mit dem Titel Momentary Masters.[5] Die Single Losing Touch findet Verwendung im Videospiel Forza Horizon 3.[6] Im März 2018 folgte das vierte Studioalbum Francis Trouble, veröffentlicht beim Label Red Bull Records.



  • Yours to Keep (2006; cratchie/New Line (US), Rough Trade (UK/EUR))
  • Cómo te llama (2008; cratchie/New Line (US), Rough Trade (UK/EUR))
  • AHJ (EP, 2013; cratchie/New Line (US), Rough Trade (UK/EUR))
  • Momentary Masters (2015; Vagrant (US), Rough Trade (UK/EUR))
  • Francis Trouble (2018; Red Bull Records)


  • 101 (2006; cratchie/New Line (US) - Rough Trade (UK/EUR))


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Albert Hammond Jr. ¦ Melodies On Hiatus
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