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Studio album by
Released8 January 2021 (2021-01-08)
Barry Gibb chronology
In the Now
Singles from Greenfields
  1. "Words of a Fool"
    Released: 6 November 2020
  2. "Words"
    Released: 2 January 2021

Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1 is the third solo album by British-American singer-songwriter Barry Gibb, which was released on 8 January 2021 by Capitol Records in America and EMI Records internationally. The album features re-imaginings of songs written by the Bee Gees with country music singers. The album's title is taken from a lyric in the song "Butterfly".

At 74 years, 4 months and 17 days old, Gibb became the oldest artist to peak at number 1 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart.[1]


Gibb announced the album on 6 November 2020 with the release of "Words of a Fool". As a lifelong fan of country and bluegrass music, he sought a way to record some songs with some of the greatest names in the genre which eventually led to the creation of Greenfields. Gibb selected Dave Cobb as the album's producer after his son Stephen showed him a Chris Stapleton song, with Gibb recalling that "I freaked out and I said, “Wow, there are people making records like this now? There are still bands making records and not programming and that it's real?” I said, “Who is this?” And he said, [Chris Stapleton], and then he said, “Dave Cobb is the producer.” I said, “I want to work with that guy. If I make any more records, it's with him.” and he flew to Nashville to record. Gibb stated that “from the first day we stepped into RCA Studios in Nashville (the very place where Elvis, Willie, Waylon, Roy, the Everly Brothers and so many other legends made their magic) the album took on a life of its own. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work with Dave and all the artists who stopped by. They were all incredibly generous with their time and talent. They inspired me more than words can express. I feel deep down that Maurice and Robin would have loved this album for different reasons. I wish we could have all been together to do it but I think we were.”[2]

The album's lead single "Words of a Fool" was originally for a 1986 Barry Gibb solo project that never wound up being released. Of his collaboration on the track, Jason Isbell enthused that Gibb "is one of the greatest songwriters and singers in popular music history, and I'm happy to say he still has that beautiful voice and that magical sense of melody. Working with him on this project has been one of the great honors of my career. He's a prince."[3][4] "Butterfly", which features musical partners David Rawlings and Gillian Welch, was written when the Gibb brothers were living in Australia before they became household names and has been covered by the likes of Marmalade and Ronnie Burns.[5]

Of re-interpreting his hits as country tracks, Gibb noted that "There were so many songs that were really written in the spirit of country music. “Islands in the Stream” for instance, was written for Diana Ross, but when I agreed to work with Kenny, he wanted to do a duet with Dolly. And so we suggested that one -- we knew it was good, we knew it was potentially very strong, but we didn't know it was a duet. So we just went to work on that, and the R&B song became a country song."


During the recording process, Gibb sang live with the majority of the album's guest artists, with the exception of Brandi Carlile and Miranda Lambert. Gibb noted that "Brandi wanted to do "Run to Me" before I could get to Nashville. So she went ahead and recorded it with Dave, and then I put my vocal on that later" and added that "I didn't meet Miranda – she did it when I wasn't in the studio. I think some artists are like that. They go, "Well, I'll come in and sing, but I don't want anyone else there." I dealt with that with producing Diana Ross, where someone else being in the sound booth room was just not acceptable, you know? And I think even Dave's like that. He doesn't really like people being there that really don't have a reason to be there."

Gibb spoke highly of recording with Keith Urban, stating that "he's fantastic. I mean, he gave us a great gift because he brought Nicole with him, and that was such a thrill. I'm freaking out, you know. It's not really about anyone else being impressed by me or intimidated by me -- it's the other way around." Similarly, recording with Dolly Parton, whom Gibb had not seen in over 40 years, was "was a great thrill, and as incredible as she always is. She's such a humble person" and noted that "Dolly told me that where she was standing at the microphone is exactly where she stood when she did "I Will Always Love You" and "Jolene." You know, that's mind blowing." Gibb also explained that Alison Krauss "was fantastic" and that Olivia Newton-John "was spot on from the first note. She hasn't been in the studio for awhile, she'd been out of action, and she was so thrilled to just get back to singing".[6]

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
The Guardian4/5 stars[8] [9]
The Irish Times3/5 stars[10]
musicOMH3.5/5 stars[11]
Uncut4/5 stars[12]

Greenfields was met with "generally favorable" reviews from critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, this release received an average score of 73 based on 11 reviews.[7]

In a 4/5 star review, Alexis Petridis of The Guardian summarised that "with subtle, beautiful arrangements, this foray into country-pop with covers by the likes of Dolly Parton, Jason Isbell and Gillian Welch is testament to the Bee Gees’ greatness". He noted that, upon first glance, Gibb recording a country album seems "peculiar" but adds that "you understand why Gibb might be keen to undertake the endeavor. The sheer wattage of Nashville star power in the supporting cast – everyone from Keith Urban and Alison Krauss to Gillian Welch and David Rawlings – underlines the regard the Gibb brothers are held in by their fellow musicians, which is a never a bad thing." Petridis goes on to say that several of the more well-known tracks "can't help but be dulled by familiarity" and states that the cover of "Jive Talkin'" with Lambert and Buchanan "doesn't really work" but praises Krauss' vocal performance on "Too Much Heaven" for "casting the song's melodic richness in new light". Similarly he asserts that Carlile's performance on "Run to Me" indicates "underlines the fact that only in a catalogue as thick with hits as the Bee Gees would a ballad this strong be relatively overlooked". Sonically, he notes that "the arrangements here are subtly done and often beautiful, led by piano or acoustic guitar, the orchestrations muted; the pedal-steel-heavy Words of a Fool aside, they're closer to country-inflected pop than country per se. You wonder about the results had Gibb and Cobb stripped them back even more, or hauled them into grittier Americana territory". In conclusion, he praises Rawlings and Welch's appearance on "Butterfly" before stating that "titling this album Volume 1 suggests Greenfields represents more than a one-off experiment: for all its strengths, there's scope for Barry Gibb to develop this unlikely late-period diversion further."[8]

In another positive review, Chris Willman of Variety explains that the album "pays tribute to [Gibb] and his late brothers’ rich, melodic catalog, now freshly approached with a rootsy but cosmopolitan country vibe that feels as ingrained and intrinsic to the aged material as it sounds. Each lustrous song's theatrical and trembling tone, once heard in this new, folksy form, seem so instinctually right as a country cut that you'll nearly forget the disco and chamber-pop originals" and goes on to declare that "save for a few hiccups, the overall results of the “Greenfields” experiment are pretty magnificent, actually". Willman continues by praising the performances of Carlile, Isbell, Welch, Krauss and Gibb himself, who he describes as a "a weirdly stirring, breathy marvel" and concludes that the success of Volume 1 means Gibb new direction is "well worth a Volume 2. And 3".[13]

Track listing

All tracks written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb. Except tracks 9 and 10 written by Barry & Robin Gibb, and tracks 2, 11 and 13 written by Barry Gibb.

Greenfields track listing
No.TitleDuet partner/sLength
1."I've Gotta Get a Message to You"Keith Urban3:15
2."Words of a Fool"Jason Isbell3:48
3."Run to Me"Brandi Carlile3:22
4."Too Much Heaven"Alison Krauss3:40
5."Lonely Days"Little Big Town3:44
6."Words"Dolly Parton3:12
7."Jive Talkin'"Miranda Lambert and Jay Buchanan3:58
8."How Deep Is Your Love"Little Big Town and Tommy Emmanuel4:26
9."How Can You Mend a Broken Heart"Sheryl Crow3:26
10."To Love Somebody"Jay Buchanan3:55
11."Rest Your Love on Me"Olivia Newton-John4:02
12."Butterfly"David Rawlings and Gillian Welch3:43
Total length:44:05
Japanese edition bonus tracks[14]
No.TitleDuet partner/sLength
12."With the Sun in My Eyes" 3:30
13."Morning of My Life" 3:44
14."Butterfly"David Rawlings and Gillian Welch3:43
Total length:51:28


Chart performance for Greenfields
Chart (2021)Peak
Australian Albums (ARIA)[15]1
Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[16]35
Belgian Albums (Ultratop Wallonia)[17]150
Canadian Albums (Billboard)[18]66
Dutch Albums (Album Top 100)[19]15
German Albums (Offizielle Top 100)[20]4
Irish Albums (OCC)[21]18
New Zealand Albums (RMNZ)[22]13
Swiss Albums (Schweizer Hitparade)[23]8
UK Albums (OCC)[24]1
US Billboard 200[25]15
US Top Country Albums (Billboard)[26]3


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Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook Vol. 1

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Barry Gibb, 1973

Sir Barry Alan Crompton Gibb CBE (* 1. September 1946 in Douglas, Isle of Man) ist ein britisch-australischer Komponist und Musikproduzent. Er ist ehemaliger Sänger und Gitarrist der Musikgruppe Bee Gees.


Die Familie Gibb stammt von der Isle of Man. Barrys Mutter war Sängerin, während der Vater ein kleines Orchester leitete.[1] Die Familie zog zunächst nach Manchester und wanderte dann nach Australien in die Nähe von Brisbane aus. Dort gründete Barry Gibb 1958 zusammen mit seinen Brüdern, den Zwillingen Robin und Maurice, die Bee Gees. Mitte der 1960er Jahre zog die Familie wieder zurück nach Großbritannien, da sie sich dort größere Möglichkeiten für ihren musikalischen Werdegang versprach. Noch auf dem ablegenden Schiff Richtung Großbritannien wurde ihnen mitgeteilt, dass sie mit Spicks and Specks eine Nummer-eins-Platzierung in Australien erreicht hatten.

Als Mitglied der Bee Gees spielte Barry Gitarre und war in den meisten Hits der Gruppe als Leadsänger zu hören. Er betätigte sich aber auch außerhalb der Band. So schrieb und produzierte er sehr erfolgreich Alben für Superstars wie Barbra Streisand (Guilty – 1980 und Guilty Pleasures – 2005). Er betätigte sich auch als Duettpartner anderer Künstler, beispielsweise für den Titelsong des Albums von Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker (1982), Diana Ross Eaten Alive (1985), mit dem Charttopper Chain Reaction, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Islands in the Stream (1983) und Céline Dion Immortality (1997). Charakteristisch für seinen Gesangsstil ist seit den späten 1970er Jahren die hohe Falsett-Stimme.[2]

Barry Gibb produzierte sämtliche Alben seines jüngsten Bruders Andy Gibb und zeichnete als Produzent für insgesamt 16 Nummer-eins-Hits der Bee Gees und anderer Künstler verantwortlich, unter anderem für die Interpreten Barbra Streisand (Woman in Love), Frankie Valli (Grease), Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton (Islands in the Stream) und Diana Ross (Chain Reaction). Damit ist Barry Gibb der dritterfolgreichste britische Plattenproduzent. Er produzierte die meisten britischen Nummer-eins-Hits. Das Lied Morning of My Life, geschrieben von den Bee Gees, wurde 1967 der größte Hit des Duos Esther & Abi Ofarim in Deutschland.

Barry Gibb veröffentlichte drei Soloalben, Now Voyager (1984), die Filmmusik zu Hawks – Die Falken (1988), einem Film mit Timothy Dalton, und In the Now (2016). Sein Albumprojekt The Kid’s No Good aus dem Jahr 1970 wurde nie veröffentlicht.

Seit 1970 ist Gibb mit Linda Ann Gray verheiratet, sie haben fünf Kinder. Sein Sohn Steve spielte unter anderem bei der Sludge-Band Crowbar und Bass bei Black Label Society.

Im Januar 2006 kaufte Gibb das Haus, in dem Johnny Cash und seine Frau June Carter Cash 35 Jahre lang gelebt und gearbeitet hatten. Das Haus in Hendersonville in der Nähe von Nashville wollte die Familie als Sommerhaus nutzen. Noch als es restauriert wurde, brannte das Haus am 10. April 2007 vollständig nieder (die Umstände wurden nie geklärt).

Barry Gibb wohnt seit rund 30 Jahren in Miami Beach.




JahrTitelHöchstplatzierung, Gesamtwochen, AuszeichnungChartplatzierungenChartplatzierungen[5][6]
(Jahr, Titel, Plat­zie­rungen, Wo­chen, Aus­zeich­nungen, Anmer­kungen)
1984Now VoyagerDE38
(3 Wo.)DE
(2 Wo.)UK
(8 Wo.)US
2016In the NowDE12
(6 Wo.)DE
(3 Wo.)AT
(2 Wo.)CH
(8 Wo.)UK
(2 Wo.)US
2021Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook, Vol. 1DE4
(5 Wo.)DE
(5 Wo.)AT
(4 Wo.)CH
(8 Wo.)UK
(4 Wo.)US
als Barry Gibb & Friends

Mit Barbra Streisand

Die folgenden Alben wurden u. a. von Barry Gibb produziert. Er tritt teilweise als Duettpartner, sowie Backgroundsänger, auf.

JahrTitelHöchstplatzierung, Gesamtwochen, AuszeichnungChartplatzierungenChartplatzierungen[7][8]
(Jahr, Titel, Plat­zie­rungen, Wo­chen, Aus­zeich­nungen, Anmer­kungen)

(31 Wo.)DE
(26 Wo.)AT

(84 Wo.)UK

(49 Wo.)US
2005Guilty PleasuresDE31
(6 Wo.)DE
(7 Wo.)AT

(18 Wo.)UK

(19 Wo.)US

grau schraffiert: keine Chartdaten aus diesem Jahr verfügbar


  • 1988: Hawks

Unveröffentlichte Alben

  • 1970: The Kid’s No Good (1998 als Bootleg erschienen)
  • 1979: The Guilty Demos (seit 2006 auf iTunes)
  • 1979: The Complete Guilty Demos (seit 2006 auf iTunes)
  • 1982: The Heartbreaker Demos (seit 2006 auf iTunes)
  • 1983: The Eyes That See in the Dark Demos (seit 2006 auf iTunes)
  • 1985: The Eaten’ Alive Demos (seit 2006 auf iTunes)
  • 1986: Moonlight Madness (als Bootleg erschienen)
  • 1999: Barry Gibb Sings Sinatra (seit 2006 auf iTunes)
  • 2005: Guilty Pleasures Demos (online seit 2006 „Barry Gibb Radio“)


Höchstplatzierung, Gesamtwochen, AuszeichnungChartplatzierungenChartplatzierungen[5][6]
(Jahr, Titel, Album, Plat­zie­rungen, Wo­chen, Aus­zeich­nungen, Anmer­kungen)
(13 Wo.)DE
(10 Wo.)UK

(22 Wo.)US
mit Barbra Streisand
1981What Kind of Fool
(16 Wo.)US
mit Barbra Streisand
1984Shine, Shine
Now Voyager
(8 Wo.)DE
(2 Wo.)UK
(10 Wo.)US
1988Childhood Days
Hawks O.S.T.
(5 Wo.)DE

Weitere Singles

  • 1969: I’ll Kiss Your Memory
  • 1970: One Bad Thing (zurückgezogen)
  • 1978: A Day in the Life (auf Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Soundtrack))
  • 1984: Stay Alone
  • 1984: Fine Line
  • 1984: Face to Face (mit Olivia Newton-John)
  • 1986: We Are the Bunburys (veröffentlicht unter dem Pseudonym „The Bunburys“)
  • 1988: Fight (No Matter how I Long) (veröffentlicht unter dem Pseudonym „The Bunburys“ und den Gaststars Eric Clapton, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb)
  • 1988: Not in Love at All (Werbe-Single)
  • 2005: Come Tomorrow (mit Barbra Streisand)
  • 2006: Doctor Mann
  • 2006: Underworld (auf Arctic Tale (Soundtrack))
  • 2007: Drown on the River (auf Deal (Soundtrack))
  • 2008: The Heart Knows (mit Olivia Newton-John auf The Great Walk to Beijing. A Celebration in Song)
  • 2011: All in Your Name (feat. Michael Jackson, Download, 2002 aufgenommen)
  • 2011: Grey Ghost
  • 2014: When I’m Sixty Four (auf The Art of McCartney)
  • 2016: In The Now (Download)
  • 2016: Star Crossed Lovers
  • 2016: Daddy’s Little Girl (Download)
  • 2016: Angels (auf Shepherds and Butchers (Soundtrack))


  • 1984: Now Voyager


Commons: Barry Gibb – Sammlung von Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien


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