Conan - during Summer Breeze 2016 concert.
Conan - during Summer Breeze 2016 concert.
Background information
OriginLiverpool, England, UK
GenresDoom metal, stoner rock, sludge metal
Years active2006–present
Labels, Burning World, Napalm Records
MembersJon Davis
Chris Fielding
Johnny King
Past membersRichie Grundy
Paul O'Neill
John McNulty
David Perry
Phil Coumbe
Rich Lewis

Conan are a British doom metal band from Liverpool, England whose style is characterised by a heavily distorted and downtuned sound.[1] It has been described as "caveman battle doom".[2][3][4]


Conan was founded as a two piece by guitarist/singer Jon Davis in 2006, with Richie Grundy on drums. Following the departure of Grundy, Paul O'Neil took over on drums before the band went on nearly a year-long hiatus. Once activity resumed, the band added the position of bass guitarist and went through several musicians before Chris Fielding joined in 2013.[5] Longtime drummer O'Neil, who had performed on both of the band's full-length albums, was replaced by Rich Lewis in 2014.[6] On 31 March 2015, the band announced that they would be headlining a US tour with support Samothrace and Mantar. The tour consisted of 11 dates, including Psycho California and Maryland Deathfest.[7]

In June 2015, the band announced they had begun the writing process for a new album.[8] On 15 October, the band announced their third full-length album would be titled Revengeance, as well as a release date of 29 January 2016.[9] On 3 August 2017 the band announced on their Facebook page the departure of Lewis.

The latest Conan album entitled Existential Void Guardian was released on 14 September 2018.






  • Battle in the Swamp (2007 demo)
  • Horseback Battle Hammer (2010 )

Split EPs

Live albums

  • Mount Wrath: Live at Roadburn 2012 (2013 Roadburn Records)
  • Live at Bannermans (2015 Black Bow Records)
  • Live at Freak Valley (2021)


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