Drive-By Truckers ¦ Welcome 2 Club XIII

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Welcome 2 Club XIII
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 3, 2022 (2022-06-03)
GenreSouthern Rock[1]
ProducerDavid Barbe
Drive-By Truckers chronology
The New OK
Welcome 2 Club XIII

Welcome 2 Club XIII‘ was released on June 3, 2022, and is the 14th full-length studio release for rock band Drive-By Truckers. It features vocal contributions from Schaefer Llana, Mike Mills (from R.E.M.), and Margo Price.[2] The album’s title references one of the venues where the band first played near Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The autobiographical nature of many songs on the album is a departure from the more politically charged songs of their more recent albums. [3]


The album received a score of 78 from Metacritic, indicating generally positive reviews.[2] American Songwriter gave the album 3.5 out of 5 stars and wrote that „while Welcome 2 Club XIII has been described by the band itself as autobiographical in nature, it still manages to retain the populist appeal that drove those earlier efforts.“ John Amen of Beats Per Minute wrote that Welcome 2 Club XIII shows the Drive-By Truckers „temporarily setting aside their polemical blowtorches, instead mindfully venturing into vivid inventories of their own lives, choices, and karmic trajectories.“ He added, „Club XIII perhaps marks the end of an era, for DBT and the broader culture, suggesting that our outward-moving attention, while politically and socially significant, has to yield at some point to self-assessment.“[4] Other reviews from AllMusic, Glide Magazine, and PopMatters praised the album’s raw sound and autobiographical lyrics while noting it lacks the direct political commentary of their previous three records.

Professional ratings
Review scores
American Songwriter[6]
Glide Magazine[7]

Track listing

1.„The Driver“Hood7:00
2.„Maria’s Awful Disclosures“Cooley3:50
3.„Shake and Pine“Hood3:45
4.„We will never wake you in the morning“Hood5:37
5.„Welcome 2 Club XVIII“Hood3:22
6.„Forged in Hell and Heaven Sent“Hood3:44
7.„Every Single Storied Flameout“Cooley3:55
8.„Billy Ringo in the Dark“Hood3:45
9.„Wilder Days“Hood6:37


  • Patterson Hood – vocals, guitar, mandocello
  • Mike Cooley) – vocals, guitar
  • Brad Morgan – drums
  • Jay Gonzalez – keyboards, guitars and vocals
  • Matt Patton – bass, bass 6 and vocals
  • Margo Price - vocals on „Forged in Hell and Heaven Sent“



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Drive-By Truckers, 2008
Erklärung der Daten
The Dirty South
 US14711.09.2004(1 Wo.)
A Blessing and a Curse
 US5006.05.2006(3 Wo.)
Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
 US3709.02.2008(4 Wo.)
Live from Austin TX
 US17225.07.2009(1 Wo.)
The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities) 2003–2008
 US8219.09.2009(1 Wo.)
The Big To-Do
 UK6127.03.2010(1 Wo.)
 US2203.04.2010(3 Wo.)
Go-Go Boots
 UK5826.02.2011(1 Wo.)
 US3505.03.2011(3 Wo.)
English Oceans
 UK3415.03.2014(2 Wo.)
 US1622.03.2014(4 Wo.)
It’s Great to Be Alive!
 US11121.11.2015(1 Wo.)
American Band
 UK2907.10.2016(1 Wo.)
 US2622.10.2016(2 Wo.)
The Unraveling
 UK3613.02.2020(1 Wo.)
 US6515.02.2020(1 Wo.)

Die Drive-By Truckers sind eine Rock-/Alternative-Country-/Cowpunk-Band aus Athens, Georgia.


Sie wurde 1996 von Patterson Hood und Mike Cooley gegründet. In den USA ist sie bekannt durch zahlreiche Live-Auftritte. In Deutschland spielte die Band zum ersten Mal im Jahr 2003, unter anderem in Heilbronn, Berlin, Hamburg und Köln. Ihr 2008 veröffentlichtes Album Brighter Than Creation’s Dark erhielt vom US-amerikanischen Musik-Magazin Rolling Stone eine Vier-Sterne-Kritik.[2]

Von 2001 bis 2007 war Jason Isbell Mitglied der Drive-By Truckers. Auch Spooner Oldham gehörte zeitweise zur Band.


Gegenwärtig besteht die Band aus fünf Mitgliedern.

  • Patterson Hood, Gesang, Gitarre und Mandoline
  • Mike Cooley, Gesang, Gitarre und Banjo
  • Brad Morgan, Schlagzeug
  • Jay Gonzalez Keyboard, Gitarre und Background-Gesang
  • Matt Patton, Bass und Background-Gesang


  • 1998: Gangstabilly
  • 1999: Pizza Deliverance
  • 2000: Alabama Ass Whuppin (Live)
  • 2001: Southern Rock Opera
  • 2003: Decoration Day
  • 2004: The Dirty South
  • 2006: A Blessing and a Curse
  • 2008: Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
  • 2009: The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities)
  • 2010: The Big To-Do
  • 2011: Go-Go Boots
  • 2014: English Oceans
  • 2015: It’s Great to Be Alive!
  • 2016: American Band
  • 2020: The Unraveling
  • 2020: The New OK


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Drive-By Truckers ¦ Welcome 2 Club XIII
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