King Kod’ine ¦ Schnee Vo Geschtr

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LP (Album, Gatefold)

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LSP–024 King Kod’ine – Schnee Vo Geschtr

Schnee Vo Geschtr [Yesterday’s snow] – alludes to something that lies between the past and today. Think of the exhaust-blackened snow from the previous year that lingers in the spring and melts only hesitantly. Over six tracks, the album spans an arc that points back to 2017 and 2018. Schnee Vo Geschtr symbolizes friction surfaces that arise when making music. The many twists and turns that the collective endeavor of creating music entails until a song ultimately reaches the listener. Ultimately, this also includes setbacks and imponderables. Again and again the material King Ko’dine recorded was left behind, only to be rediscovered and brought back into focus. A driving bass line underpins the common thread of guitar playing, while the steady drum beat drives the engine of the King Kod’ine cart forward. Now and then a light-footed piano enters the stage, just to be gone some moments later. King Kod’ine is not an actual band, but a result that springs from the desire to play together. It is music that meanders – originally created quickly, without the goal of playing concerts, without an underlying concept – and seeks its way over time. Once arrived, it approaches you from different angles. One thinks of being on the road. Of moving on. And then before the garage attitude becomes all too tangible and you start to smell the oil, the music melts away. Subtly a synthesizer pushes you into other worlds of thought, you drift away, forget yourself, are fogged by fragile vocals, until suddenly the guitars bring you back. You don’t really know where you are then. Swathes of memories remain. And then it is over – everything is the same and yet somehow different. New traces have been carved into the snow, before it disappears at some point – perhaps completely – as the sun becomes stronger.

Parchman Farm
Wanna Keep Ya Rollin
Ring A Roses
King Kod’ine
Bitchin About The Hard Times
Nuthin But Flesh And Bones
High Times

Black 12″ vinyl custom 4-page gatefold packaging with photographs from Daniel Sutter
Edition of 115

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Schnee Vo Geschtr

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King Kod’ine ¦ Schnee Vo Geschtr
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