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2 is the debut full-length studio album by Canadian musician Mac DeMarco. It was recorded in June 2012, and released in October 2012 on the Captured Tracks label.


DeMarco moved from Vancouver to Montreal in 2011. There, he recorded an mini LP under his own name, Rock and Roll Nightclub. Featuring slowed-down vocals and elements of glam rock, this recording garnered enough attention that his label, Captured Tracks, agreed to finance a full-length album.[2] DeMarco shifted his style from Rock and Roll Nightclub to 2, and his glam and crooning singing style were dropped for a more standard approach to guitar rock.[3] The album was composed and recorded in DeMarco's Montreal apartment, in the Mile End neighbourhood. DeMarco made the recording wearing only his "skivvies", or underwear.[4] In a June 2012 interview, DeMarco announced that about 75% of the album had been completed.[5]


The album contains a single acoustic track, "Still Together", which is a re-recording of "Together", written by DeMarco on 2009 to Makeout Videotape EP "Bossa Yeye", also features DeMarco using falsetto singing in the chorus.[6] The opener, "Cooking Up Something Good", uses a song structure where a catchy verse transitions to a "blindsiding" darker chorus.[7] "Robson Girl" also juxtaposes a "sweet" verse with a guitar-shredding chorus.[8]

Lyrically, DeMarco covers growing up in suburbia, failed love and family secrets, the last featuring heavily in "Cooking Up Something Good".[7] "Ode to Viceroy" is a tribute to the singer's favourite brand of cigarettes.[6] DeMarco is apologizing to his mother in "Freaking Out the Neighbourhood", and trying to convince a girl to leave town with him in "The Stars Keep on Calling My Name".[8]


In September 2014, DeMarco stated in a "What's in My Bag?" interview video at Amoeba Records in San Francisco, California that he had been inspired by the album art for Haruomi Hosono's Hosono House for the design of 2’s album cover.[9] In the same interview, DeMarco also points out his cover’s striking but coincidental similarity to Bruce Springsteen's The River.


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
The Austin Chronicle[13]
Consequence of Sound[3]
The Guardian[14]
Time Out[1]

The album was compared by several reviewers to Real Estate's 2011 release, Days.[3] NME called DeMarco a "skilled songwriter" and likened him to fictional character Ferris Bueller.[8] DeMarco's guitar work was praised by several reviewers.[6] The Guardian remarked that, although the initial tracks have promise, the album "never quite delivers" and criticised its "unvarying" tone.[14] Pitchfork gave an enthusiastic review, awarding the record its "Best New Music" designation. Reviewer Sam Hockley-Smith commented positively on DeMarco's songwriting and lyrical depth.[7] The website placed the album at 43rd on their "50 Best Albums of the Year" retrospective.[18]

The album was named a longlisted nominee for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize on June 13, 2013.[19]

The album was recognized as one of The 100 Best Albums of the Decade So Far, a list published by Pitchfork in August 2014.[20] In 2019, Pitchfork ranked the album at number 149 on their list of "The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s".[21]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Mac DeMarco

1."Cooking Up Something Good"2:41
3."Freaking Out the Neighborhood"2:53
5."Ode to Viceroy"3:53
6."Robson Girl"2:56
7."The Stars Keep On Calling My Name"2:22
8."My Kind of Woman"3:10
9."Boe Zaah"1:41
11."Still Together"3:39
Total length:31:27


All credits adapted from physical releases

  • Mac DeMarco - songwriting, all instruments, mixing
  • Josh Bonati - mastering
  • Evan Prosofsky - photography


Chart (2012)Peak
US Heatseekers Albums (Billboard)[22]26


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Rock And Roll Night Club ¦ Mac DeMarco 2

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Mac DeMarco, 2014

McBriare Samuel Lanyon „Mac“ DeMarco (* 30. April 1990 als Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV in Duncan, British Columbia) ist ein kanadischer Musiker. Der Sänger, Multiinstrumentalist, Videokünstler und Musikproduzent ist hauptsächlich für seine Solokarriere bekannt, in welcher er bisher vier Studioalben veröffentlicht hat: 2, Salad Days, This Old Dog und Here Comes the Cowboy. Zudem erschienen bislang zwei EPs namens Rock and Roll Night Club und Another One. DeMarco hat ein Heimstudio in seiner Wohnung und veröffentlicht seine Musik über das New Yorker Independent-Label Captured Tracks. Vor seinem Durchbruch als Solokünstler war er von 2008 bis 2011 Mitglied der Band Makeout Videotape.

DeMarco kombiniert Einflüsse aus Indie-Rock, Lo-Fi, Dream Pop und Psychedelic Folk. Sein eigensinniger Musikstil lässt sich oftmals schwer in ein bestimmtes Genre einordnen. So wurde seine Musik beispielsweise schon als „Blue Wave“,[1] „Slacker Rock“[2] oder von DeMarco selbst als „Jizz Jazz“[3] beschrieben. Zu seinen Vorbildern gehören unter anderem Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Jonathan Richman und Shuggie Otis.[4]

DeMarco spielt sämtliche Instrumente (Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug, Keyboard, Perkussion) auf seinen Alben selber ein, auf Konzerten wird er von einer Band bestehend aus Andrew Charles White (Gitarre), Jon Lent (Bass), Alec Meen (Keyboard) und Joe McMurray (Schlagzeug) begleitet, die auch Hintergrundgesang beisteuert.

DeMarco lebte mit seiner Lebensgefährtin in New York[5], bis sie im August 2016 gemeinsam nach Los Angeles zogen.[6]


Mac DeMarco 2014 in Cambridge


  • 2012: 2
  • 2014: Salad Days
  • 2017: This Old Dog
  • 2019: Here Comes the Cowboy
  • 2023: Five Easy Hot Dogs


  • 2012: Rock and Roll Night Club
  • 2015: Another One


  • 2013: Live at Russian Recording
  • 2013: Live and Acoustic Vol. 1


  • 2012: Only You
  • 2012: My Kind of Woman (UK:SilberSilber, US:PlatinPlatin)[8]
  • 2012: Freaking Out the Neighborhood (UK:SilberSilber, US:GoldGold)
  • 2013: Young Blood
  • 2014: Chamber of Reflection (UK:SilberSilber, US:PlatinPlatin)
  • 2014: Salad Days (US:GoldGold)
  • 2017: My Old Man
  • 2017: This Old Dog
  • 2017: On the Level
  • 2017: One More Love Song
  • 2017: For the First Time (UK:SilberSilber, US:GoldGold)
  • 2019: Nobody
  • 2019: All of Our Yesterdays

Digitale Veröffentlichungen

  • 2009: Heat Wave (mit Makeout Videotape)
  • 2010: Eating Like a Kid (mit Makeout Videotape)
  • 2010: Ying Yang (mit Makeout Videotape)
  • 2010: Bossa Yeye (mit Makeout Videotape)
  • 2010: Eyeballing (mit Makeout Videotape)
  • 2013: 2 Demos
  • 2014: Salad Days Demos
  • 2015: Some Other Ones



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