Murda Muzik
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Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 17, 1999 (US)[1]
GenreEast Coast hip hop, hardcore hip hop, gangsta rap, dirty rap
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Hell On Earth
Murda Muzik
Singles from Murda Muzik
  1. "Quiet Storm"
    Released: March 14, 1999
  2. "It's Mine"
    Released: August 31, 1999
  3. "U.S.A. (Aiight Then)"
    Released: March 21, 2000
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars[1]
Entertainment WeeklyC+[2]
Robert ChristgauB−[4]
The Source4.5/5 stars[5]

Murda Muzik is the fourth studio album by Mobb Deep, which was released on August 17, 1999.[7] It features one of the group's best-known tracks, "Quiet Storm." It is also the duo's most commercially successful album to date, for shipping over 1 million copies in the United States and was certified Platinum by the RIAA on October 26, 1999,[8] debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200 charts. Murda Muzik also garnered positive reviews from The Source and Allmusic, among others. A censored version of the album, titled Mobb Muzik, was released simultaneously. Since its release the album has been certified 2x platinum.[9]


The release of Murda Muzik was originally planned for the beginning of 1999, but Loud Records switched distributors from RCA to Columbia. Murda Muzik was shelved until this deal was finalized. Within this time the album was heavily bootlegged and Mobb Deep had to record new songs to make sure fans would still buy the album. The duo recorded 5 new songs:

  • Spread Love
  • I'm Going Out (featuring Lil' Cease)
  • Can't Fuck Wit (featuring Raekwon)
  • It's Mine (featuring Nas)
  • Quiet Storm (Remix) (featuring Lil' Kim)

These songs replaced earlier recorded tracks.

Bootleg tracks

Murda Muzik leaked in early 1999. The following tracks were on multiple bootlegs that didn't make the final cut.

Full tracks:

  • Feel My Gat Blow
  • Thrill Me (featuring Big Noyd)
  • 3 The Hard Way (featuring Big Noyd) = also called "You Fuckin’ Wit" and "3 From NYC"
  • This One (featuring Big Noyd) = also called "Pyramid Points."
  • Perfect Plot (featuring Big Noyd) = also called "Mobb Coming Thru" and "We Got The Drop"
  • Pile Raps = also called Power Rap
  • Nobody Likes Me
  • Shiesty (featuring Big Noyd) = also called "Fuck That Bitch"
  • QB Meets Southside" (featuring Sticky Fingaz and X-1)

Remixes of retail tracks:

  • Deer Park ft. Cormega (What's Ya Poison with intro) = also called "How You Want It"
  • Hoe Gonna Be a Hoe with intro
  • Streets Raised Me (OG Mix) (also called "That True Shit") = different sounding hook. There supposedly is also a version where children are singing the hook.
  • Street Kingz (featuring Nas) = U.S.A. (Aiight Then) with a Nas verse. Colombia didn't want to clear Nas for two songs. They had to cut his verse from U.S.A. (Aiight then) since he also appears on the It's Mine song.
  • White Lines (Quiet Storm without Havoc on the hook). Prodigy talked in between verses, it was mastered in a way that this talking sounded like it came out of a megaphone.
  • Thug Muzik = Has a verse of Mike Delorean from Bars & Hooks instead of Prodigy.
  • Murda Muzik = Longer track with a final verse from Prodigy that ultimately ended up on Thug Muzik in the retail release. There's also a version without that final verse but a freestyle from Cormega instead.

Track listing

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[10]

1."Intro"  0:44
2."Streets Raised Me" (featuring Big Noyd and Chinky)Havoc4:33
3."What's Ya Poison" (featuring Cormega)
4."Spread Love"
  • Muchita
  • Johnson
5."Let a Ho Be a Ho"MuchitaHavoc3:35
6."I'm Going Out" (featuring Lil' Cease)
  • Muchita
  • Johnson
  • Muchita
  • Johnson
9."Where Ya From" (featuring 8Ball)
10."Quiet Storm"Havoc4:25
11."Where Ya Heart At"
12."Noyd Interlude"  0:19
13."Can't Fuck Wit" (featuring Raekwon)
14."Thug Muzik" (featuring Infamous Mobb and Chinky)The Alchemist4:34
15."Murda Muzik"
  • Muchita
  • Johnson
16."The Realest" (featuring Kool G Rap)
The Alchemist4:27
17."U.S.A. (Aiight Then)"
  • Robert Taylor
  • Muchita
  • Johnson
  • Epitome
  • Shamello
  • Buddah
18."It's Mine" (featuring Nas)
19."Quiet Storm (Remix)" (featuring Lil' Kim)
  • Havoc
  • Jonathan "Lighty" Williams



  • "Crime Inc. Theme" by Giles Swayne
  • contains an excerpt from a speech of Ronald Reagan[11]


Where Ya Heart At

It's Mine

Quiet Storm

The Realest

I'm Going Out

Thug Muzik

What's Ya Poison

Where Ya From

Quiet Storm (Remix)



RegionCertificationCertified units/sales
United States (RIAA)[20]Platinum1,000,000^

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone


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