Pax Helvetia ¦ 12 Track Cassette 1984

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12 Track Cassette 1984

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A small Punk scene already existed in the Zurich uplands in the 1970s. With THE SICK and HEXAN 5 there were even two bands in the region of Uster, the 3rd largest city in canton Zurich. André Thommen who until his death played a central role in this scene had founded the band ME-110-D (we carry their single in the same section) in 1982. The hardcore punk band PAX HELVETIA was founded out of the final line-up of ME-110-D in 1984.

This consisted back then of André Thommen on guitar, Scheli who had replaced for a brief time Jenni on bass in ME-110-D, Ercan Ilgindan who played drums from 1981 in post-punk band VIDEO and Niels Kretschmann before in punk band SPECIAL BREWS who joined on vocals.

It’s not documented why PAX HELVETIA broke up afterwards respectively why the band members went separate ways. Scheli and later Niels as well joined the punk band WICKED. André Thommen was renting out stage equipment and Ercan Ilgindal is drumming his way through life somewhere else.