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Killers of the Flower Moon (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film) is the soundtrack album composed by Robbie Robertson for the 2023 film Killers of the Flower Moon by Martin Scorsese. It was Robertson's final completed film score before he died in August 2023;[1][2] the film is dedicated to his memory.[3] For his score, Robertson received a posthumous nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 2024.


Composer Robbie Robertson himself was of First Nations descent; his mother had Cayuga and Mohawk ancestry and was raised on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve in Ontario.[4] Although Robertson did not want to compose "any stereotypical Indian music" for the soundtrack,[5] his heritage and experiences helped him incorporate tribal elements into the blues rock sound of the album.[6][7]

I was gathering pictures in my head of music I heard as a child at the Six Nations Indian Reserve. My relatives are all sitting around with their instruments, and one guy would start a rhythm, and then somebody would start singing a melody to that, and it was just haunting. The feeling of the music beside you like that, humming and droning—the groove and the feel of it got under my skin and it lives there forever.

— Robbie Robertson[6]

Robertson had a long-standing personal and working relationship with director Martin Scorsese, and had most recently compiled the soundtrack of Scorsese's 2019 film The Irishman.[8][9] Scorsese had considered Robertson one of his closest friends and confidants.[10]

Regarding Robertson's score, actress Lily Gladstone, who plays Mollie Kyle in the film, stated, "As young Native kids living around the [reservation] with my dad who loved The Band, loved Bob Dylan, loved Martin Scorsese, it was truly an honor to tell the story against [Robertson's] music and his greatness."[11]


Unable to read or write music, Robertson was initially hesitant to work with orchestrator Mark Graham, who had previously worked with esteemed composers like John Williams and Alexandre Desplat.[12] Scorsese did not want traditional "movie music" for his score, and Robertson was determined to deliver an extraordinary product.[13] During principal photography, Robertson visited the film set in Oklahoma to meet with Osage musicians and ensure the authenticity of his music.[14]

In July 2021, Robertson began sending Graham brief videos of his ideas for the score, which including him strumming the guitar or singing. Robertson put together an ensemble which included guitars, keyboards, mandolins, cellos, mandocellos, a zither, a manzarene, and a harmonica. The unorthodox band then gathered at Robertson's studio in Los Angeles to record the score.[12]

Sometimes, it’s a small build, but this was a really big one. A lot of music was involved with this. I wanted to build an orchestra of guitar sounds with different variations of the instrument. I kept building and building the orchestra and then I tore it down and tried to keep its soul.

— Robbie Robertson[15]

As Scorsese prefers to not to edit his films to temp scores, Robertson had completed a first draft of the score by the time filming had wrapped.[16] Despite Robertson's progressing prostate cancer, he was able to complete the score and attend a private album release party before he passed away in August 2023.[12] Scorsese fondly called Robertson's score "the beating heart of the picture" and "one of the most beautiful scores ever written for a film."[17][18]

"Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)"

The Osage language song "Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)", used in the final scene of the film, was composed by Osage Nation members Scott George, Kenny Bighorse, and Vann Bighorse.[19] Regarding the song's inclusion in the film, Scorsese stated, "I felt that we should end the film with a special piece of music created by the Osage," and noted that "the music of the Osage is the best display of [their] extraordinary survival."[20]

Scorsese and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone had attended the Osage Nation's annual I'n-Lon-Schka dances in June 2021. They were impressed by the energy and movement of the dances, and Scorsese wished to create a similar energy for the film's conclusion. Scorsese contacted Vann Bighorse, who served as a consultant on the film and who, in turn, contacted Scott George and Kenny Bighorse to help him compose a song for the film. The three men decided against using existing traditional music and instead opted to compose a new song. They composed two pieces that they then sent to Scorsese to select from.[21]

Regarding his selected piece, George stated, "It's talking about our people, asking our people to stand up. We know that God has gotten us this far and it’s acknowledging that. It’s saying Wahzhazhe Ni-ka-zhi: stand up ... the meaning is we’re thankful that we're here and we've gone this far."[22] The song was performed by the Osage Tribal Singers, a collective of singers from the Osage Nation's I'n-Lon-Schka drum committees.[21]

"Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)" was nominated for Best Original Song at the 96th Academy Awards.[23] making George the first ever Osage Nation member to be nominated for an Academy Award. Commenting on the film's Academy Awards nominations, Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear stated, "Osage Nation is especially proud that Osage Composer Scott George, consultants Kenny and Vann Bighorse, and all our tribal singers are receiving this extraordinary recognition for 'Wahzhazhe (A Song For My People)'."[19]

Critical reception

Brian Tallerico of Roger Ebert wrote that "Robbie Robertson's thrumming score is practically a character, giving the film a heartbeat that adds tension to its notable runtime. This story wouldn't have nearly the same momentum with a traditional, classical score.[24] Hamish MacBain of the Evening Standard wrote that Robertson's score was "absolutely fantastic, particularly the recurring, minimal, two note retro-bass motif that effectively ramps up the tension at key points."[25] Moira Macdonald of The Seattle Times called Robertson's score "quietly powerful,"[26] while Peter Travers of ABC News called it "haunting" and "a fitting legacy" for Robertson's career.[27]

Tim Greiving of the Los Angeles Times wrote that "Robertson's contribution is an astonishing and lively musical ecosystem that gives immediate authenticity to Scorsese's equally vivid presentation of Osage life and culture in 1920s Oklahoma. It's music that proudly worships and dances with these people — and alternately weeps for their oppression, at times sounding almost sick at their treatment by the story's white predators." He also called the soundtrack "the best music Robertson ever wrote for the screen."[1]

Live performances

On November 15, 2023, Martin Scorsese held a tribute concert for Robertson, which included excerpts from his Killers of the Flower Moon score. Notable guests included Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone, who both starred in the film.[28][29]


Killers of the Flower Moon (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film) awards and nominations
Hollywood Music in Media Awards2023Best Original Score in a Feature FilmRobbie Robertson (p.r.)Won[30]
St. Louis Film Critics Association Awards2023Best ScoreRunner-up[31]
Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards2023Best ScoreNominated[32]
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards2023Best Original ScoreWon[33]
Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards2023Best Musical ScoreWon[34]
Florida Film Critics Circle Awards2023Best ScoreNominated[35]
Astra Film Awards2024Best ScoreNominated[36]
Golden Globe Awards2024Best Original ScoreNominated[37]
Critics' Choice Movie Awards2024Best ScoreNominated[38]
Online Film Critics Society Awards2024Best Original ScoreNominated[39]
Society of Composers & Lyricists Awards2024Outstanding Original Score for a Studio FilmNominated[40]
British Academy Film Awards2024Best Original ScoreNominated[41]
Satellite Awards2024Best Original ScoreNominated[42]
Academy Awards2024Best Original ScoreNominated[43]
Best Original Song"Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)" (Scott George)Nominated

Track listing

Killers of the Flower Moon (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film) track listing
1."Intro (The Sacred Pipe)" 0:38
2."Osage Oil Boom" 2:51
3."My Land...My Land" 2:10
4."Heartbeat Theme/ Ni-U-Kon-Ska" 3:33
5."They Don't Live Long" 2:55
6."The Wedding" 2:04
7."Tribal Council" 1:12
8."Reign of Terror" 2:51
9."Insulin Train" 2:50
10."Tulsa Massacre Newsreel" 2:24
11."Shame on Us" 2:42
12."Too Much Dynamite" 2:56
13."Not if it's Illegal" 2:47
14."Salvation Adagio" 3:11
15."Still Standing" 3:48
16."Tupelo Blues"2:53
17."Livery Stable Blues"
18."The Gallop, Chasse, Pas de Bouree"Adam Nielsen0:37
19."Metropolis (A Blue Fantasie)"
  • Vince Giordano
  • Nighthawks
20."Mollie"Andy Stein0:20
21."Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)"Osage Tribal Singers6:25
Total length:53:11

Release history

Release history and formats for Killers of the Flower Moon (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film)
VariousOctober 20, 2023Sony Masterworks[44]
United StatesDecember 8, 2023CD[45]
December 15, 2023LP[46]


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Robbie Robertson, 2007

Jaime Royal „Robbie“ Robertson (* 5. Juli 1943 in Toronto, Ontario; † 9. August 2023 in Los Angeles[1]) war ein kanadischer Rockmusiker (Gitarrist, Sänger und Songschreiber). Bekannt wurde er als Mitglied der Gruppe The Band, die Bob Dylan Mitte der 1960er begleitete und ab 1968 acht Studioalben veröffentlichte.


Robbie Robertson wuchs als Sohn der Mohawk-Cayuga-Indianerin Rosemarie „Dolly“ Chrysler[2] und des Ziehvaters James Patrick Robertson in Toronto auf,[3] die beide in einer Metallfabrik arbeiteten.[2] Mit seiner Mutter besuchte er häufig das Reservat Six Nations of the Grand River bei Brantford, in dem sie aufgewachsen war, ließ sich von der Musikkultur dort inspirieren und lernte früh Gitarre.[4] Erst als Teenager, nach der Trennung der Eltern, erfuhr Robbie Robertson, dass sein leiblicher Vater Alexander Klegerman war, ein Nachkomme jüdischer Immigranten, der noch vor Robbies Geburt bei einem Verkehrsunfall ums Leben gekommen war.[3][2]

Robbie Robertson, 1974

Schon Ende der 1950er spielte er in verschiedenen Bands in Toronto und Umgebung mit. 1960 schloss er sich der Band The Hawks um Sänger Ronnie Hawkins an.[5] Als Hawkins die Gruppe 1963 verließ, nannte sie sich zunächst Canadian Esquires und Levon and the Hawks,[6] bis sie schließlich den Namen The Band annahm. Bob Dylan nahm die Band 1965 bis 1966 als Begleitmusiker unter Vertrag, nachdem er beim Newport Folk Festival 1965 erstmals mit „elektrischer“ Unterstützung aufgetreten war.[7] 1968 erschien das Album Music from Big Pink,[8] das die Band zu einer der bekanntesten amerikanischen Rockbands machte. Robertson schrieb die meisten Songs und galt als ihr führender Kopf. Doch 1976 löste er die Formation auf.[9] The Band – The Last Waltz ist die Dokumentation des legendären Abschiedskonzertes.[10] Bei deren Wiedervereinigung 1983 war Robertson nicht dabei.[11]

Der von Robertson geschriebene Titel The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down zählt zu den bekanntesten von The Band. Er erschien erstmals 1969 auf dem Album The Band, wurde aber nie als Single veröffentlicht.[12][13] Folksängerin Joan Baez landete 1971 mit einer Cover-Version ihren ersten und einzigen US-Top-Ten-Hit.[14] Im deutschsprachigen Raum wurde die Melodie hauptsächlich durch den Nummer-eins-Hit Am Tag, als Conny Kramer starb von Juliane Werding aus dem Jahr 1972 bekannt.[15]

Ab 1987 veröffentlichte er in unregelmäßigen Abständen Solo-CDs mit nachlassendem kommerziellen Erfolg. Das Album How to Become Clairvoyant (2011) wurde von dem Magazin Rolling Stone auf seiner Liste der „50 Best Albums of 2011“ auf Platz 10 gesetzt.[16][17]

Der Rolling Stone listete Robertson auf Rang 59 der 100 größten Gitarristen[18] sowie auf Rang 45 der 100 größten Songwriter aller Zeiten.[19] 2021 wurde Robertson in die American Academy of Arts and Sciences gewählt.

Robertson starb am 9. August 2023 80-jährig in Los Angeles.[20]


1980 schrieb Robbie Robertson die Filmmusik zu Martin Scorseses Wie ein wilder Stier und arbeitete für dessen weitere Filmprojekte.[21] 1986 schrieb er (gemeinsam mit Gil Evans) am Soundtrack von Die Farbe des Geldes, musste jedoch seine Aktivitäten einschränken, um sein erstes Soloalbum nicht zu behindern.[22] Für den 2010 erschienenen Scorsese-Film Shutter Island zeichnete er ebenfalls für die Musik verantwortlich.[23]

Robbie-Robertson-Stern, Canada’s Walk of Fame

2004 erschien Robertsons Song Shine Your Light auf dem Soundtrack des Films Im Feuer (Ladder 49, u. a. mit John Travolta).[24] Das Lied The Money Chant wird im Film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) in einer Restaurant-Szene mit Leonardo DiCaprio und Matthew McConaughey von den beiden Schauspielern gesungen. Es ist auch im Outro zu hören.[25] Noch im Jahre 2023 arbeitete Robertson an dem Soundtrack des Scorsese-Films Killers of the Flower Moon mit.[26] Postum wurde ihm dafür eine Oscar-Nominierung zuteil.



  • 1987: Robbie Robertson (inkl. Sweet Fire Of Love und Testimony mit U2, Fallen Angel und Broken Arrow mit Peter Gabriel, CA: Doppelplatin×2Doppelplatin , US/UK:GoldGold)[27]
  • 1991: Storyville (CA:PlatinPlatin)
  • 1994: Music for the Native Americans (CA:GoldGold)
  • 1998: Contact from the Underworld of Red Boy
  • 2011: How to Become Clairvoyant
  • 2019: Sinematic


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