Svper // Bitter Moon ¦ 1981

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LSP–016 SVPER / Bitter Moon 1981

All in all this new release is a reminiscence to the era of Italian music of the 1980s. The single has the title „1981“. It is a joint adventure of SVPER and Bitter Moon. What links the two bands is a soft spot for the analogue, old tape machines and synthesizers but also for monumental sound worlds in which they link past and present. One could think of this record as a time capsule, or maybe a reminiscence to a long gone by era. The era of Lucio Battisti and Franco Battiato. Somehow avantgarde, different from what Italian music was associated with in the decades before and after. 1981. Another year in the 80s. A past present in which there was a certain kind of music coming out of Italy. It might be a coincidence that the two songs by Franco Battiato and Patrizia Pellegrino, that are covered on this record, were both released in 1981. However, we read it as a sign and celebrate it as a hommage to an Italian musical universe that is long gone by, but on this record reverberates for a short moment into the future.

SVPER – Summer on a Solitary Beach (Battiato / Pio 1981)
Bitter Moon – Automaticamore (Posit 1981)

black vinyl 7″
Edition of 300

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Svper // Bitter Moon ¦ 1981
CHF 26.00 inkl. MwSt