Terry Edwards (born 10 August 1960)[1] is an English musician who plays trumpet, flugelhorn, saxophones, guitar and keyboards.


Edwards gained a degree in music from the University of East Anglia in 1982,[2] where he was also a founding member of The Higsons. He produced and played on the debut album by Yeah Jazz called Six Lane Ends. He has subsequently[when?] performed and released records both as a solo artist and with his band The Scapegoats. He has played as a session musician and as a collaborator with Derek Raymond (on the Dora Suarez album),[3] Madness, Mark Bedford, Tindersticks, Spiritualized, Siouxsie, The Creatures, Nick Cave, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Department S, Lydia Lunch, Faust, Snuff, Tom Waits, Jack, The Blockheads,[4] Hot Chip,[5] and Robyn Hitchcock.

Edwards joined Gallon Drunk in 1993, staying with the band through the recording of three albums.[6] Also in 1993 he made a guest live appearance with PJ Harvey, later in 1997, he was a guest studio musician for the band.

He collaborated with Lydia Lunch and other members of Gallon Drunk in Big Sexy Noise, and performed live with Lunch outside the band.[7][8] More recently he has performed with the David Bowie supergroup, Holy Holy.[when?]

Since around 2015, Edwards has performed with PJ Harvey and appeared on the group's 2016 album The Hope Six Demolition Project.[9][10]

He is also a member of The Near Jazz Experience with Madness bassist Mark Bedford & former Higsons drummer Simon Charterton.[11]

Solo discography


  • New York New York (1985), Izuma – as New York New York
  • Dora Suarez (1993), Clawfist – with Derek Raymond and James Johnston
  • I Didn't Get Where I Am Today (1997), Wiiija – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats
  • My Wife Doesn't Understand Me (1997), Artlos/Stim – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats
  • Yesterday's Zeitgeist : Terry Edwards in Concert (1999), Sartorial
  • Terry Edwards Presents No Fish Is Too Weird For Her Aquarium Vol. II (2000), Sartorial
  • 681 at the Southbank + Plays, Salutes & Executes (2002), Sartorial
  • Memory and Madness (2003), Sartorial/Widowspeak – with Lydia Lunch
  • Terry Edwards (2005), Sartorial
  • Plays Salutes And Executes (1993), Stim
  • Terry Edwards' Large Door (18 Tracks From The Golden Age Of Vinyl) (1998), Damaged Goods
  • Terry Edwards Presents... Queer Street – No Fish Is Too Weird For Her Aquarium Vol. III (2003), Sartorial


  • Terry Edwards Plays The Music of Jim & William Reid (1991), Stim
  • Terry Edwards Salutes The Magic of the Fall (1991), Stim
  • Terry Edwards Executes Miles Davis Numbers (1992), Stim
  • Boots Off!!, Wiija – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats


  • "Roger Wilson Said" (1983), Urchin – as New York New York
  • "I Wanna Be Like You" (1985), Beach Culture – as New York New York
  • "Well You Needn't" (1994), Rough Trade
  • "Head Up High" (1998), Flighted Miskick – Scousemartins fet. Terry Edwards
  • "Girls & Boys" (1988), Damaged Goods – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats
  • "Ice Cream for Crow" (1998), Damaged Goods – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats
  • "Cat People/Gasoline" (2007), Sartorial – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats, split with Department S
  • "Three Blind Mice" (2008), The Orchestra Pit – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats
  • "Boots Off !!!" (2009), Sartorial – Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats, split with Cure-Ator
  • "I'll Go Crazy" (2010), Sartorial
  • "Let's Surf"/"Old Man's Hands" (2011), Sartorial – Terry Edwards and The Dash/Terry Edwards and Darren Hayman
  • "You Won't See Me" (2011), Sartorial – split with Robyn Hitchcock

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