The Band Camino
OriginMemphis, Tennessee, United States
GenresIndie rock, electropop
Years active2015–present
  • Jeffrey Jordan
  • Spencer Stewart
  • Garrison Burgess
Past members
  • Andrew Isbell
  • Graham Rowell

The Band Camino (stylized as The Band CAMINO) is an American rock band. Established in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2015, the group is now based in Nashville.[1]


Andrew Isbell, Jeffrey Jordan, Graham Rowell, and Spencer Stewart established the Band Camino in 2015 while the four were students at the University of Memphis. Isbell played drums, Rowell served as bassist, and Jordan and Stewart shared guitar and vocal duties.[2] The band began by releasing their first EP in 2016 titled My Thoughts On You.[3] Their second EP, Heaven, was released in 2017;[4] Isbell left the band around this time and was replaced by Garrison Burgess.[2]

By May 2019, the Band Camino had signed to Elektra Records; their first release for the label, an EP titled tryhard, was available on August 23.[4][5] Ahead of the EP's release, four of its songs were released in advance: "Daphne Blue", "See Through", "Honest"[4] and "What I Want".[5] To promote the release, the group embarked on a headlining tour of North America from September through October, plus two dates in the United Kingdom.[4] On April 9, 2020, bassist Graham Rowell was removed from the group after accusations of sexual misconduct between him and fans surfaced online.[6] The group released their first song from their upcoming self titled album, "Roses", on December 11, 2020.[4] This was followed by "1 Last Cigarette" on February 26, 2021, "Sorry Mom" on April 30,[7] and "Know It All" on June 25.[8] Their self titled debut album was released on September 10, 2021.[8]

Musical style

Timothy Monger at Allmusic describes the Band Camino's musical approach as a blend of indie rock and electropop.[2]

Band members

  • Jeffrey Jordan – vocals, guitar (2015–present)
  • Spencer Stewart – vocals, guitar (2015–present)
  • Garrison Burgess – drums (2017–present), bass (2020–present)


  • Andrew Isbell – drums (2015–2017)
  • Graham Rowell – bass (2015–2020)


  • The Band Camino (Elektra, 2021)


  • My Thoughts On You (2016)
  • Heaven (2017)
  • Tryhard (Elektra, 2019)


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