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    Blueprints for a Blackout is the fourth album (and the first double album) by Dutch post-punk band The Ex, originally released in 1984. It was the first of The Ex's albums to feature Luc playing bass guitar and he would remain as the band's bass player for 20 years.[3] The album also featured many guest musicians, a notable trend in The Ex's discography that would provide musical elements unique to each of their albums.[4]


    Blueprints for a Blackout saw The Ex starting to expand beyond the standard guitar-bass-drum format of punk with forays into other instruments such as organ, beer crates, and oil barrels.[5]

    In the transition from December 1983 to January 1984 The Ex spent two weeks improvising, writing and recording at Dolf's Koeienverhuur "Cow Rental" Studio in rural Schellingwoude outside of Amsterdam. New songs were developed by the musicians, after which vocalist G.W. Sok wrote lyrics and recorded vocals, and these supplemented preexisting songs that the band had played live at the time. The group had also made field recordings to add as samples to their tracks, including an oil-barrel dropped down several stories of concrete stairs, or the sound of a marching army The band also began to experiment creating effects with long loops of analog tape and had guest collaborators in The Mekons' Jon Langford, Marcel Schmidt, Alex van Zanten, and members of various Dutch groups.[6]

    The record's front sleeve image was taken from the Swiss documentary Heute Und Danach (“Today and Thereafter”) and contained a 12" square 20-page lyric-and-photo booklet, as well as a full-size poster about the recent eviction of the Wyers squat in Amsterdam.[6] The original double-LP saw release in February 1984 on The Ex's own Pig Brother Productions imprint, and debuted on CD, along with The Ex's entire back catalog, in 1993 on the band's own label, Ex Records.[7] The band has included the album as part of its download and streaming catalog via Bandcamp.


    John Dougan of Allmusic writes: "Double-album. Simplistic and excessive but interesting. Out of print." Tracks 2 to 4 were selected as highlights.[1] Trouser Press wrote that the band "[employ] such musical implements as organ, beer crates and oil barrels [...] further expanding its sonic palette with guest musicians."[8] An unattributed review on the band's official website reads: "It's caustic. A real burner. [...] While still retaining an all important relevant edge to their musical comment , they've introduced elements of tunesmithing, attack, decay and composition that places them head and shoulders above their contemporaries."[9]

    Track listing

    1. "Streetcars Named Desire" / "Animal Harm" (medley)
    2. "Blueprints for a Blackout"
    3. "Rabble with a Cause"
    4. "Requiem for a Rip-Off"
    5. "Pleased to Meat You"
    6. "A Goodbuy to You"
    7. "The Swim"
    8. "Boohoo"
    9. "U.S. Hole"
    10. "(Not) 2b Continued"
    11. "Grimm Stories"
    12. "A Plague to Survive"
    13. "The Rise of the Dutch Republic"
    14. "Kidnap Connection"
    15. "Fire and Ice"
    16. "Jack Frost Is Innocent"
    17. "Love You Till Eh"
    18. "Food On 45"
    19. "Scrub That Scum"


    The Ex

    • Terrie (guitar)
    • G.W. Sok (vocals)
    • Luc (bass)
    • Yoke (bass)
    • Sabien (drums)

    Various members played double-bass, organ, violin, oil-barrels, accordion, beer-crates, piano.

    Guest musicians

    • Kees (oboe, flute, saxophones)
    • Jon Langford (marimba, rhythmbox, guitar)
    • Dolf Planteijdt (guitar, drums)
    • Vazant (saxophone)
    • Marcel (marimba, drums)
    • Adrie (drums)
    • Bas (bass, double-bass)
    • Ferrie (trumpet).


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    Veröffentlichungen von The Ex die im OTRS erhältlich sind/waren:

    Blueprints For A Blackout ¦ Pokkeherrie

    The Ex auf Wikipedia (oder andere Quellen):

    The Ex ist eine Anarcho-Punk-Band aus Amsterdam, die 1979 während der Punk-Explosion gegründet wurde und seitdem mehr als 20 Alben veröffentlicht hat. Ihr 1988 gegründetes eigenes Label heißt Ex Records.

    Bandmitglieder in der aktuellen Zusammensetzung sind: Terrie Ex Hessels (Gitarre), Arnold de Boer (Gesang), Katherina (Katrin) Karin Ex Bornefeld (Schlagzeug), Andy Ex Moor (Gitarre). Terrie Hessels ist das letzte verbliebene Mitglied der ursprünglichen Besetzung von 1979. G W Sok, Sänger und Textschreiber aus dieser ursprünglichen Formation verließ The Ex 2009.

    In der Musik von The Ex zählt der anarchische Wille des Ausdrucks, nicht Harmonien oder Takte. Der Text ist meistens wichtiger als andere Teile. Entsprechend haben die meisten Stücke einen explizit politischen Hintergrund, wie die Benefiz-Single Weapons For El Salvador von 1981, die den bewaffneten Widerstand in El Salvador unterstützen sollte oder die Solidaritäts-Tour für den britischen Bergarbeiterstreik 1983. Besondere Beachtung fand die Doppel-Single 1936 – the spanish revolution (1986) die neben vier Stücken aus und über den spanischen Bürgerkrieg ein umfangreiches zweisprachiges Booklet (in der Mini-CD-Fassung Hardcover-Buch) enthielt, das über den anarchistischen Widerstand der Confederación Nacional del Trabajo berichtet.

    The Ex im Juni 2004 im Club W71

    Die Band ist offen für viele musikalische Einflüsse: So spielten sie 1984 mit der kurdischen Gruppe Awara, 1991 dem Saz-Spieler Brader und traten seit den 1990er Jahren verschiedentlich auch mit Sonic Youth, mit Tom Cora und mit Jazzmusikern aus dem Umfeld von Han Bennink und Misha Mengelberg (ICP-Orchestra) auf, zum Beispiel 2000 als 20-köpfige Big Band auf dem Holland Festival. Weiterhin sind sie auf Alben von Gétatchèw Mèkurya zu hören.

    Keines der Bandmitglieder nahm Musikunterricht.


    • 1980 Disturbing Domestic Peace
    • 1982 History is What's Happening
    • 1983 Tumult
    • 1984 Blueprints for a Blackout
    • 1985 Support the Miners' Strike
    • 1985 Pay no More than 6 Fr.
    • 1985 Pokkeherrie
    • 1987 Too Many Cowboys
    • 1987 Antidote Live in Wroclaw
    • 1988 Aural Guerilla
    • 1989 Joggers and Smoggers
    • 1990 Treat
    • 1991 Scrabbling at the Lock
    • 1993 And the Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders
    • 1995 Instant
    • 1995 Mudbird Shivers
    • 1998 Starters Alternators
    • 2001 Dizzy Spells
    • 2001 Een Rondje Holland (mit Roy Paci)
    • 2004 Turn
    • 2006 Moa Anbessa
    • 2010 Catch My Shoe (mit Roy Paci)
    • 2012 The Ex & Brass Unbound: Enormous Door (mit Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Wolter Wierbos, Roy Paci)
    • 2018 27 Passports


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