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Voices of Bishara is a studio album by the English drummer Tom Skinner, released on 4 November 2022 by via Nonesuch Records, International Anthem Recording Company, and Brownswood Recordings. It was ranked among the best jazz albums of 2022 by multiple critics.


Voices of Bishara is Skinner's first solo album under his real name, having previously released two albums under the name Hello Skinny. It was announced 7 September along with the release of the lead single "Bishara". The album and lead single are named after Abdul Wadud's record label Bishara which released his solo album By Myself. Skinner described the album as "an attempt to put something truthful into the world, through collaboration and community, at a time of rising dishonesty and disinformation."[1][2][3] "Bishara" is an Arabic word which means "good news" or "bringer of good news".[4] The second single "The Journey" was released 18 October alongside a live performance video of the song which was recorded at St. Luke's Church in London.[5]

The album was recorded in a single day with all five performers – drummer Skinner, saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, bassist Tom Herbert, saxophonist Nubya Garcia, and cellist Kareem Dayes – recording live simultaneously in the same room. Instruments bled into each other's microphones during the recording process, an accidental effect which Skinner accentuated by using editing to emphasise his cuts and create loops from the best improvisatory flourishes.[6]

Style and reception

Voices of Bishara ratings
Review scores
All About Jazz[7]
Record Collector[9]

All About Jazz's Chris May called the album "one of the top three jazz albums of 2022 so far and it would take the second comings of John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Horace Silver and Lee Morgan to threaten to dislodge it." Voices of Bishara consists of "just over thirty minutes of exalted jazz" which is frequently "tumultuous such as "when [Shabaka] Hutchings and [Nubya] Garcia unleash their broken-note strewn tenors" and meditative as "when Hutchings switches to bass clarinet, Garcia to flute, and [Kareem] Dayes' sonorous cello steps forward."[7] May also ranked the album among his five runners up for the best new album of 2022.[11]

Treble's Noah Sparkes notes the presence of Dayes' cello as a tribute to Abdul Wadud, a jazz cellist who once said he "hope[d] there [would] be more who take [the cello] further and do more things, because the instrument needs it". Dayes' "deft and varied playing ... only adds to the unique sound" of the album, which is "a terrific affirmation of what makes Skinner so interesting as both a drummer and now a composer" with tracks that "may drift at different times into hip hop, funk, or free jazz" but never "in a way that seems jarring or forced".[12] In describing Skinner's editing method on the album, The Guardian's Ammar Kalia says its "mood lands somewhere between contemporary Chicago producer Makaya McCraven's beat-splicing and Don Cherry's spiritually influenced 70s melodies.[6]

Year-end lists

Voices of Bishara year-end lists
All About Jazz
(Chris May)
All About Jazz
(Jerome Wilson)

Track listing

All music is composed by Tom Skinner, with track two being a version of Tony Williams' "Two Pieces of One: Red"

Voices of Bishara track listing
2."Red 2"2:57
3."The Journey"5:01
4."The Day After Tomorrow"4:59
5."Voices (of the Past)"4:50
6."Quiet as It's Kept"4:03
Total length:27:29




  • Tom Skinner – producer
  • Blue May - recording engineer
  • Scott Knapper - assistant recording engineer
  • Dilip Harris - mixing engineer
  • Guy Davie - mastering engineer
  • Paul Camo - sleeve design, artwork
  • Craig Hansen - layout

Live album

On 17 April 2024, Skinner announced Voices of Bishara Live at "Mu", a live album which was released on 10 May by International Anthem.[15] The album was recorded in January 2023 at Mu, a concert venue in London, with Skinner leading Dayes, Herbert, and woodwinds players Robert Stillman and Chelsea Carmichael.[15]

Track listing

Voices of Bishara Live at "Mu" track listing
1."Bishara"Tom Skinner15:05
2."Red 2"Anthony Tillmon Williams5:20
3."The Journey"Skinner7:49
4."The Day After Tomorrow"Skinner5:56
5."Oasis"Ronald Earsall DeVaughn20:18
Total length:70:58



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Voices Of Bishara

Tom Skinner auf Wikipedia (oder andere Quellen):

Tom Skinner (born 26 January 1980) is an English drummer, percussionist and record producer. He co-founded the jazz band Sons of Kemet and the rock band the Smile. He has released two albums under the name Hello Skinny. His first album under his own name, Voices of Bishara, was released in November 2022.

Early life

Skinner (rear) performing with the Smile in January 2022

Tom Skinner was born 26 January 1980.[1] He began playing drums at the age of nine. He enjoyed 1990s grunge and metal bands such as Napalm Death, before discovering experimental jazz musicians such as John Zorn and Ornette Coleman.[2]


Jazz and Sons of Kemet

NPR described Skinner as "the sort of drummer who always locates the pivot point between chaos and clarity".[3] He emerged in the London jazz scene, playing with musicians including Finn Peters, Cleveland Watkiss and Denys Baptiste,[4] and the electronic artist Matthew Herbert.[4] He was a member of the jazz trio Zed-U and the avant-garde soul group Elmore Judd.[4]

In 2011, Skinner cofounded the jazz band Sons of Kemet.[citation needed] They released four albums and announced their disbandment in 2022.[5]

In December 2020, Skinner joined several British jazz musicians to record a Miles Davis tribute album, London Brew. It was released on 31 March 2023 by Concord Jazz.[6]

The Smile

Skinner first worked with the Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood when he performed on Greenwood's soundtrack for the 2012 film The Master.[2] In 2021, Skinner, Greenwood and the Radiohead singer, Thom Yorke, debuted a new band, the Smile.[7] They made their surprise debut in a performance streamed by Glastonbury Festival that May.[8][9]

In May 2022, the Smile released their debut album, A Light for Attracting Attention, and began an international tour.[10] The second Smile album, Wall of Eyes, was released in January 2024, with a European tour that year.[11] Skinner contributed to Yorke's soundtrack for the film Confidenza, which was released in April 2024.[12]

Solo work

Skinner has released two albums under the name Hello Skinny.[13] The first album released under his own name, Voices of Bishara, was released on 4 November 2022.[14] It features jazz musicians including Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia, Kareem Dayes and Tom Herbert. The first single, "Bishara", was released in September 2022.[14] A live version of the album was released in May 2024.[15]

Personal life

Skinner has two children and lives in North London.[2]


As Hello Skinny

  • Hello Skinny (2012)
  • Revolutions EP (2013)
  • Watermelon Sun (2017)

As Tom Skinner

With Sons of Kemet

With the Smile

With London Brew

With Floating Points

With Wildflower

  • Wildflower (2017)
  • Love (2020)
  • Better Times (2021)

With Beth Orton

With Alabaster DePlume

  • Gold (2022)[18]
  • Come with Fierce Grace (2023)[19]

With Owiny Sigoma Band

  • Owiny Sigoma Band (2011)[20]
  • Power Punch (2013)[20]
  • Nyanza (2015)[20]
  • The Lost Tapes (2021)[21]

With Melt Yourself Down


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