Performing at Rich Mix London (February, 2018)
Performing at Rich Mix London (February, 2018)
Background information
OriginGolan Heights, syria
GenresPsychedelic Rock, Tuareg music, Reggae, Arabic rock, disco
Years active2010–present
  • Hasan Nakhleh (voice, guitar)
  • Rami Nakhleh (bass, drums)
  • Amr Mdah (saxophone)

TootArd (Arabic: توت أرض) is a Syrian Arab band from the Druze town Majdal Shams, in the Golan Heights.[1] The band was founded by brothers Hasan and Rami Nakhleh.[2] To date, the band has released three albums: Nuri Andaburi (2011), Laissez Passer (2017), and Migrant Birds (2020).



TootArd, Arabic for "Strawberries", was formed in 2010 by brothers Hasan and Rami Nakhleh.[3] All band members grew up in Majdal Shams and started performing in the Golan Heights and neighbouring countries.[4]

Nuri Andaburi (2011)

In 2011, TootArd released their first international album Nuri Andaburi. Many of the songs in this album depict the present political situation that the band members grew up in. Some of the songs are more idealistic and imagine a time when humans were more tolerant towards each other and "closer to Nature".[5]

Laissez Passer (2017)

In 2017, TootArd released their second international album Laissez Passer. The album addresses the statelessness of the people of Golan Heights.[6] Laissez Passer, French for "Let Them Pass", refers to the document that Golan Heights inhabitants hold and use to move around.

Musical Style

The band's style is mixed. Their first album, Nuri Andaburi, is heavily inspired by reggae music.[5] Their second album, Laissez Passer, combines Tuareg style with psychedelic rock.[4] In general, the band refers to their style as "mountain rock reggae", in reference to their mountainside hometown.[3]


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